WP user

Create elegant Login, Register, and Forgot Your Password Popups on your website, in just minutes.

WP User plugin helps you to create front end login and registration form.

User logins or registrations and would like to avoid the normal wordpress login pages, this plugin adds the capability of placing a login, Registration, forgot password with smooth effects in AngularJs.


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Why is this important?

Streamlining your Graphics User Interface and bettering user experience go hand-in-hand, and given thequality of competition on-line these days, you need every customer who uses your website to be a happy, surfing customer because it’s just as easy for them to go somewhere else.

Bulky, slow and intrusive account actions systems do nothing but frustrate users and leave them twiddling their thumbs while they switch from page to page, and when they are finally done registering an account the millionth time, they can’t even remember where they were.

This is not a good user experience, but nevertheless, we’ve all been through it. Enter Login, Register, and Forgot Your Password Popups: taking all the bulk, page switching and frustration out of such monotonous and mundane tasks.

Not only does this streamline the user experience, making such tasks consume much less time (and making users happy), but it streamlines the developer experience as well because these systems can be put in place in a fraction of the time traditional log in systems can be constructed. In other words, get yours up and running in minutes!

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