WP Subscription Import


Easily Import CSV File subscribers, lists,forms Data.



Many times you will need to import subscribers data from a CSV (comma separated value) file and insert it into subscribers list. Consider a case when you have many records in a CSV file and you need to import them into your subscribers list (i.e database) then you can not insert each single record manually as it will take too much time. This condition arises mostly when you want to import existing data in your website. In this addon easily you can do that. we have create Import addon which will do the work easily for you. The main focus of this addon is the logic which makes your whole import process a lot easier and simpler.

If you have existing subscribers list then easily import existing subscribers using this addon.

Features included

* Import subscribers list (CSV)
* Import category list (CSV)
* Import forms data (CSV)
* Admin email notification on import data
* Available sample csv file for subscribers, lists,forms.


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