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Email – Forgot Password

Send email to user when user click reset password using forgot password with Custom email subject and content

Go to Dashboard->WP User ->Email Notification

1)Set Email Subject

2) Set Email Content : You can use following variable for your custom email content.

The variables in {CURLY BRACKETS} are used to present data and info in email. You can use them to customize your email template.
{WPUSER_ADMIN_EMAIL} Displays the admin email that users can contact you at. You can configure it under Mail settings.
{WPUSER_BLOGNAME} Displays blog name
{WPUSER_BLOG_URL} Displays blog URL
{WPUSER_BLOG_ADMIN} Displays blog WP-admin URL
{WPUSER_LOGIN_URL} Displays the login page
{WPUSER_USERNAME} Displays the Username of user
{WPUSER_FIRST_NAME} Displays the user first name
{WPUSER_LAST_NAME} Displays the user last name
{WPUSER_NAME} Displays the user display name or public name
{WPUSER_EMAIL} Displays the E-mail address of user
{WPUSER_NEW_PASSWORD} Display new password of user

3) Click on ‘Update’ for Save setting

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