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2-Step Verification

With 2-Step Verification you add an extra layer of security to user account. After you set it up, user sign in to there account in two steps using password and OTP.

User First Enter username and Pasword on click ‘Sign In’ It will send OTP on registered email and mobile number.

User Need to enter OTP and click on Sign in.

Note : For send OTP on Mobile need to install WP Twilio Core Plugin. Mobile number can be stored in user meta key – user_mobile or mobile or phone. You can crate those custom field or install WP User Form Builder addon for create custom field.

Set up 2-Step Verification

Go to Dashboard->WP User ->Security
1) Click on ‘Enable 2-Step Verification’ check box and set 2-Step Verification
2) Click on ‘Update’ for Save setting

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