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Login OTP

Let your user signup on your wordpress website simply with their mobile number.

If your don’t remeber password and don’t want waste time to reset password and want login site in shot time then this is best solution.

User First Enter username and on click ‘Login with OTP’ It will send OTP on registered email and mobile number.

User Need to enter OTP and click on Sign in.

Note : For send OTP on Mobile need to install WP Twilio Core Plugin. Mobile number can be stored in user meta key – user_mobile or mobile or phone. You can crate those custom field or install  WP User Form Builder addon for create custom field.


Endpoint : wp-json/wpuser/v1/login/otp

Method : POST

Users are accessible through the WordPress REST API at the  /wpuser/ endpoint.

To list user, send a POST request to the wp-json/wpuser/v1/login/otp endpoint

Example Request 



wp_user_email_name *Login name for the user.Email / Username / Mobile numberRequired

* indicate Required fields.

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