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Email Notifications

If you’re interested in learning everything you can about each person that joins your list, you’re going to love our instant notifications. You can activate email notification on every new subscription.

Go to WP Subscription ->Settings->Email Notification


Admin Notification
User Notification
You can change subject as well as email content. you can use following variable in Email Content.


The variables in {CURLY BRACKETS} are used to present data and info in email. You can use them to customize your email template.
{WPSP_ADMIN_EMAIL} Displays the admin email that users can contact you at. You can configure it under Mail settings.
{WPSP_BLOGNAME} Displays blog name
{WPSP_BLOG_URL} Displays blog URL
{WPSP_BLOG_ADMIN} Displays blog WP-admin URL
{WPSP_FIRST_NAME} Displays the user first name
{WPSP_LAST_NAME} Displays the user last name
{WPSP_EMAIL} Displays the E-mail address of user
{WPSP_LISTNAME} Displays the E-mail address of user

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