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Exclude Folders and files

wp_all_backup_setting_excludeGo to WP ALL Backup > Setting > Exclude setting in the admin dashboard. If you would like to exclude certain files or folders from being backed up, such as a theme you don’t use or a file you added for testing purposes, but don’t need anymore, you can enter them into the Exclude Folders and files field. The files or folders you enter here will be skipped over for each backup you make.

A.Enter new exclude rules as a pipe (|) separated list

E.g. wp-content/backupwordpress-728d36f682-backups|wp-snapshots|.svn|.git


B.Select Individual file and directory filters in Exclude setting

The directory paths and extensions will be be excluded from the archive file if list is checked (OR Enter new exclude rules manually).
Select Individual file and directory filters (select file and directory to exclude files from backup).


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