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Clone Site

Clone Site (site1.com to site2.com)

  1. Create Backup :Dashboard->WP ALL Backup. Click on sub menu WP ALL Backup and  click on Create New Backup button (Make sure that you have select Backup type“Both Database and files”)
  2. Download backup file (zip) and Installer file (install.php) from backup listing.
  3. Create New Database for site2 (Create new user for database and give/grant all permission for this user also keep database information).
  4. Upload backup file (zip) and installer file on server where you want to clone the site (i.e site2.com).
  5. Run the installer : open your browser then run install.php file. Enter URL like http//www.site2.com/install.php
  6. Enter Information like Database name,user name, password and enter New URL (i.e http//www.site2.com)
  7. Click on Restore button

Now you have clone your site successfully.


This plugin does require above average technical knowledge. If you plan to move WordPress or backup WordPress please use it at your own risk and do not forget to back up your files and databases beforehand with other backup system. Please do not attempt to use the plugin if you’re new to WordPress or have a limited technical background. Please seek out professional help if your in question of anything.

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