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Backup Your WordPress Site

At WP ALL Backup we strive to make backing up your WordPress site as simple as possible. We know that you have more important things to do than spend a lot of time figuring out how to backup your site. We also know that you want a single button that backs up all your content and stores it in a safe place just in case you ever need it. We know this because we use WP ALL Backup to backup all our WordPress sites, including this one. This short article describes WP ALL Backup backup features and how to use them.

WP All Backup menu will appear in Dashboard->WP ALL Backup. Click on sub menu WP ALL Backup (configure your settings)

Manual Backups

Manual backups may be performed by clicking the ‘Create New Backup’ button which can be found in the backups section of WP ALL Backup. That’s it really, just click the button and letWP ALL Backup create backup easily on single click.


While the backup is running you may minimize the page and work on something more interesting like catching up on your emails or other task. When the backup has completed you will see a completion message reflected in the top of screen section.


That’s it! Do this once a month, week or even daily. You can store as many archives as desired on their hosting provider’s server, however, we recommend doing some cleanup once in a while.

Email Notification

Add your email address to the status updates option and WP ALL Backup will send you a status email when your backup is done.

Save Your Backups Somewhere Safe

All your backup archives should be downloaded and stored somewhere safe. The Backups section of the plugin displays a list of all your backups. Clicking the download link will save it to your desktop.

We recommend doing this for every backup and saving it somewhere safe like Dropbox or google drive.

Cleanup Your Server

While you may leave as many backups as you want on your hosting provider’s server, we recommend that you do some cleanup every once in a while. Some hosts have very limiting disk quotas so saving a lot of backups will use up your limited space.

Why not use the WP ALL Backup retention setting to tell WP ALL Backup how many backups you would like to be on your host. Once you set it WP ALL Backup will handle the cleanup for you or you can delete backup manually on click ‘remove’ button.

Automated Backups

Don’t want to even click the button; we feel the same way. Create scheduled backups for your site from with WP ALL Backup scheduled backups. Backups may be performed daily or weekly. Simply select the setting you would like backups to be performed.WP ALL Backup will perform your backups on the days you requested and will even send you an email(set Email Notification) to let you know it has been completed. No need to even think about it anymore.

When using automated backups, we recommend also setting the number of archives to be stored on server.

Schedule Settings

Go to WP ALL Bacup > Setting > Schedule Settings in the admin dashboard. Select Auto Backup Frequency.


You’ll also be able to schedule regular backups so they run automatically without any extra configuration on your part.

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