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WordPress Backups are like an insurance: you need it most, when you don’t have them. When creating your WordPress website, the developer you trust should always talk about website and database crashes. What has to happen , if something is not running correctly on your website or your WordPress website is not running at all?

In the best case, a WordPress developer help you to recognize problems early and fix them, or even protect you from them. At worst cases you need a backup of your site: one such backup should always be up to date and the backup archives should not be on your webspace .

Right here helps WP All Backup! Once set up, WP All Backup runs like a Swiss watch – reliable, solid!

WP All Backup plugin helps you to create Backup and Restore Backup easily on single click.Manual or Automated Backups And also store backup on safe place- dropbox,FTP,Amazon S3, Google drive.

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