Clone and Deploy a WordPress Website

WP ALL Backup Plus gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily clone a WordPress site for rapid deployment elsewhere. You could move your WordPress website to a new domain, new host, new server – all with a single tool that does the job for you in a couple of minutes.

You have a specific way that you set up your WordPress websites, a group of plugins that you always install, a specific permalink setup and a bunch of customization that you do manually each time. With the WP ALL Backup Plus clone tool, you can create a template website that you can rapidly deploy each time you install WordPress to a new site. This means that it will take you only a few minutes to carry out a task that previously took you hours.

You can use the WP ALL Backup Plus to deploy a client’s website from a test server to their server, or to migrate your site to a new server or domain. You can clone to a new site, or overwrite an existing one.

Please make sure that you’re not using the same database for the source and destination sites!

Follow below step to clone site using WP ALL Backup Plus :

  1. Create Backup :Dashboard->WP ALL Backup. Click on sub menu WP ALL Backup and  click on Create New Backup button (Make sure that you have select Backup type “Both Database and files”)
  2. Download backup file (zip) and Installer file (install.php) from backup listing.
  3. Create New Database for site2 (Create new user for database and give/grant all permission for this user also keep database information).
  4. Upload backup file (zip) and installer file on server where you want to clone the site (i.e
  5. Run the installer : open your browser then run install.php file. Enter URL like http//
  6. Enter Information like Database name,user name, password and enter New URL (i.e http//
  7. Click on Restore button

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