Release new Version 2.7 WP User

With this release, Added :Added google reCAPTCHA to registration form Go to Dashboard =>WP User => Security=>reCAPTCHA Tough on bots, easy on humans, this is Google’s “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” and WP User plugin integrate reCAPTCHA  with AngularJs. Client side implementation Set up AngularJs WP User Plugin Display reCaptcha Widget Get g-captcha-response after user verifies Make ajax request to server with g-captcha-response Register your website to avail Google reCaptcha service To register you website for reCaptcha visit, sign in with your Google account. Fill the register form with your domain details and hit register. On successfully registering Google provides you with a site key and asecret key. Site Key: You will use this on you client side code. Secret Key: This will be used to communicate from your server to Google, make sure you keep it a secret. Captcha’s are a must to protect your website from spam messages but some times they can shoo the actual users, Google’s new reCaptcha makes it much easier for humans to pass, at the same time making it more difficult for bots. Also the reCaptcha widget looks cool as compared to older ones, plus the integration is very very easy. To download the latest version visit the following link :...
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