Your database contains all your important information if the database is erased or corrupted you lose everything. Sometimes accident can happen when we least expert it. If you can have made a careless mistake and your database is gone how can you restore your data in your database? So Backup your database regularly. The WordPress backup files contain sensitive data, such as the WordPress administrator credentials. Such files should be stored in a secure location where other users do not have access to. You can also compress the WordPress backups into a password protected zip file so in case someone manages to get a copy of your WordPress backup files, he or she would need a password to access the content. WordPress Database backup Backup your WordPress database from CPanel Login to your hosting provider CPanel and click on the Backup icon in the Files section. Once in the backup options page, click on the WordPress database name listed under the section ‘Download a MySQL Database backup’. Once you click on the WordPress database name, a compressed SQL script file is automatically downloaded to your computer. Store the WordPress database file in a secure place and ideally it should be stored on a different media. Backup WordPress database using MySQL command line If you host your own web server and have access to it via SSH or other protocol, you can make a database backup using a MySQL standard tool called mysqldump. As the name implies, the mysqldump tool dumps a MySQL database into a text file which can later be used to restore the WordPress database. In the...
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