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Manually backing up your site say, every day, is not a cost effective process. These hours could be much better invested elsewhere in the business. While you will still need someone on hand in case the system fails, automating it all is going to save you a lot more time, and thus money, in the long run.

You don’t need to worry about ongoing data/site backup, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Have you ever forgotten to run your backup system? Or is it becoming too much of a hassle to keep doing it every day? With an WP ALL Backup can schedule the time you want it to run and how often. Unlike a human, it won’t forget to run and it doesn’t need to be told to begin – it’ll just do it. It’s convenient and means you will have one less thing to worry about.

You can backup the sites automatically based on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule using WP ALL Backup plugin.

You could get a email to let you know that the backup was successful (Email Notification).

To schedule a a site backup,

Go to WP ALL Bacup > Setting > Schedule Settings in the admin dashboard. Select Auto Backup Frequency.

You’ll also be able to schedule regular backups so they run automatically without any extra configuration on your part.wp_all_backup_setting_schedule


Although the actual process may be automatic, this does not mean you can forget about your backups forever. Importantly, you still need to perform regular checks on the backup data to make sure that it is functional and hasn’t been corrupted in the process. Additionally, you need to monitor your storage to ensure that you aren’t going to run out of drive space. There’s no point having an automated system in place if there’s nowhere to store the data!

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  1. Hello,I will be in your part of the country for the Christmas hadiloys; I’m meeting a friend coming in from Australia and we’re both interested in attending class(es) while we’re in the area. I know it’s early days but we’d be very excited if you offer classes late December/early January. I will keep checking your website.Thanks and keep up the good work,Susan.


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