Release WP Under Construction Theme

Release WP Under Construction Theme (v 1.0)

Let your visitors know your WordPress website is under construction.

WP Under Construction allows you to connect with your visitors and sign them up to your mailing list so you can let them know when you are ready.


  • Countdown Timer Announce your imminent arrival with a countdown timer
  • Upload  Logo Upload your business logo and start branding even before your website is launched
  • Display Message Use your favorite one liner on your visitors. Tease them. Give them a taste of what’s coming.
  • Subscription Box While you are working on the site in the background, WHY not build an Email List too ? You can drop them a note as soon as you are ready !

Integrated with

  1. MailChimp,
  2. Aweber
  3. Campaign Monitor.
  • Social Media Integration Get likes, tweets and so much more with  WP Under Construction integration with  social media platforms.

Allow your visitors to reach you via email

  • Multiple Themplates
  1. Dark Blue
  2. Dark Red
  3. Dark Purple
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Red
  7. Purple
  8. Yellow
  9. Silver

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